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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Eye a Robot: Robot That Brings Your Doctor to You After Surgery

Eye a Robot: Robot That Brings Your Doctor to You After Surgery: "UC Davis Medical Center has begun testing a new%2C five-and-a-half-foot-tall robot that allows physicians to personally check in and interact with their hospital patients following surgery %97 without the doctor actually being there in person. %0D%0AThe medical center is one of four sites in the nation participating in a scientific study to determine if a robot is a useful and safe complement to the standard care following surgery. UC Davis urologist Lars Ellison is studying whether a surgeon can adequately assess patients from a remote location using a machine that is know affectionately around the hospital as %93Rudy%94.%0D%0AFrom his office or home%2C Ellison can guide a surprisingly agile machine down the halls of the hospital and right into the rooms of his patients. Equipped with a camera%2C TV screen and microphone%2C %93Rudy%94 allows Ellison to have a conversation with his patient in much the same way traditional bedside rounds are conducted. Both the doctor and patient can see and hear each other%2C and the robot%92s camera can zoom in to provide a view of the patient%92s vital signs and surgical incision."


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