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Monday, August 09, 2004

Technology and caring for older adults

Centre Daily Times | 08/09/2004 | Penn State Perspectives | Technology and caring for older adults: "Statistics bear this out. About one in every four households is involved in some form of caregiving, with more than 22 million households with persons providing care to someone aged 50 years or older. With the majority of caregivers dedicating 20 hours or more a week to caregiving, many struggle to remain employed and meet other family obligations.
For many, technology holds the key to meeting such caregiving-related challenges. Advances in technology -- including telemedicine, expanded uses of the Internet, and robotics -- are beginning to transform the way we care for frail older adults. For frail older adults living at home alone, for example, there are now electronic daily reporting services that use simple wireless motion and light sensors to collect data on their daily living activities."


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