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Monday, November 28, 2005

Doctors moving toward paperless practices

Doctors moving toward paperless practices
George Morgan wasn't surprised to see his ophthalmologist typing medical notes into a computer in the eye exam room rather than writing them on a paper chart. After all, Morgan's son, a plumber, travels with a computer in his work van.

It didn't even faze the Richmond resident that his eye exam took longer than usual as the doctor wrestled with software snags.

'It is all new to him,' Morgan said.

When Dr. David Weissgold opened his solo, specialty eye practice in Burlington in October, he chose to go totally electronic. His Retina Center of Vermont on St. Paul Street lacks the usual floor-to-ceiling shelves lined with patients' medical charts. Instead, Weissgold and his staff create and store patients' medical records in a computer database. "


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